M-Pen Microneedling is an advanced needling device, designed to perforate the skin to increase absorption of pharmaceutical active ingredient and stimulate the production of natural collagen within the skin to promote skin repair.  As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered to give an almost immediate plumping and firming effect. 

We use Mesoestetic c.prof - an exclusive line of active ingredient cocktails that provide effective solutions for the main aesthetic concerns. The high variety of active ingredients included in its formula promote the natural events of cell repair, while reducing skin tissue disorders.

Successful in treating skin conditions such as loss of flaccidity, fines lines and wrinkles, hair loss, and acne scars.  Visually improves the appearance of the skin. Results will appear gradually in the weeks following treatment, the skin will look smoother, firmer and younger. Fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring can be diminished.

Microneedling with M.Pen  

Treatment time

    60 minutes

Number of sessions

5 sessions  in every 15 days

 Minimally invasive

Non surgical

areas that CAN BE TREATED WITH microneedling?

microneedling benefits:

60 minutes

we offer the following microneedling treatments:

Microneedling with C.Prof 211 Photoaging Solution

c.prof 211 photoaging solution counteracts the signs of skin aging thanks to its photoprotective, anti-oxidant, moisturising and firming action. It protects the skin from environmental aggressions and other factors such as stress, tiredness, smoking, pollution..

c.prof 213 mesotox solution acts dually on expression lines, reducing the  existing ones and preventing the appearance of new ones. Its unique combination of synergistic peptides works in the inhibition of the skin microcontractions that cause this type of wrinkles.

c.prof 214 mesopeptide solution enhances redensification of the dermis thanks to the inclusion of last-generation biomimetic peptides. Increases the density of the dermis and  improves skin firmness.

Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen type I and III

Neck and decollete to reduce wrinkles and increase firmness

 Activates the skin repair mechanisms

Stimulates the hair follicles (if performed on scalp)

Full face to reduce acne scars, wrinkles and pores

Reduces expression lines and pore size

Scalp for hair loss

Improves skin firmness

Reduces the appearance of  scars such as acne scars 

Indication: Treatment of fine wrinkles. Counteracts the loss of tonicity and provides brightness. 

Microneedling with C.Prof 213 Mesotox Solution

Indication: Treatment of exising  wrinkles and expressions lines (forehead, around eyes etc.)

Microneedling with C.Prof 214 Mesopeptide Solution

Indication: Treatment of thin, aged skins, loss of facial oval definition and facial flaccidity.

Microneedling with C.Prof 230 Hair Loss Solution

Indication: Treatment of hair fall or loss of density. 

c.prof 230 hair loss solution generates a powerful protective effect that  stimulates the hair follicle. It stops hair aging, revitalising and strengthening hair, while improving microcirculation and providing nutrients to the follicle, thus reducing hair loss.

before & after

Area: full face / neck / decollete

price per
1 session

course of
5 sessions

c.prof 213 Mesotox

c.prof 214 mesopeptide 






  microneedling Prices 

                           Microneedling Prices 


c. prof 230 hair loss solutoin



c.prof 211 Photoaging 


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